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Share Your Expertise!

For those professionals attending physical education conferences in our state it is obvious that we are fortunate to have some of the best programs in the nation. There are some great teachers with innovative ideas in Washington. Unfortunately, the professional development in most school districts is not set up to take advantage of the expertise available in our field. Many physical educators don’t know where to go beyond the conference setting and need additional support in creating or implementing their program vision. But where does that support come from and how do we access it? This is a question we are trying to answer.

The hope is to support each other and make ourselves available to others in the field. The support may look like an email with a question about the national board certification process or connecting with someone in your area who is integrating physical education with science. A teacher may also use this tool to draw from a colleagues experience advocating for increased contact time with students.

In a short time we have 20+ teachers who have offered to share their experience and knowledge. They have committed to being available to answer questions, offer advice, and potentially support site visits to their schools. If you are interested in adding your name to the list or would like to share a success story regarding your use of the website link please email me at tkrause@tahomasd.us. There is a high need for teachers from all grade levels and all areas of the state.

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